IAN Peace Pole

The Inter-Religious Action Network has a beautiful mobile Peace Pole, which is available for special events. 

Use of the Peace Pole is open to organizations based in Washington County that have some relationship to the mission of the IAN.  Those who want to use it should first check the calendar below for availability, then contact Julie Rubenstein at info@ianofwashingtoncounty.org  to arrange pick up and return dates/times/locations.

Keep in mind that the Peace Pole is 8 feet long, so you will need a transport vehicle big enough to ensure it's not damaged in transit. Also, you will need to wrap the Pole in blankets or some other protective covering to prevent chips or dings. Should some damage occur during your use of the Pole, please document it with photos and tell Julie when you call her to arrange its return after your event.

We are very proud to have this beautiful resource to share with Washington County!  We welcome your feedback on its use at your event, as well as any contribution you would like to make toward its upkeep.  Make a donation online by going to www.visionactionnetwork.orgJust click on the DONATE button on the home page. Make sure you note that the donation is for Friends of the IAN on the comment line!!

or you can mail a check to:

Vision Action Network
3700 SW Murray Blvd.
Beaverton, OR  97005

Make checks out to Vision Action Network and note in the memo
line that the donation is for the Friends of the IAN.

Morris Taylor, Public Affairs Director of the LDS Beaverton Stake reading names of Holocaust victims at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) with the IAN Peace Pole in the foreground. The event was sponsored by the Oregon Area Jewish Committee, a partner of the IAN.