Interfaith Dialogues - Winter 2014

Interfaith Dialogues

A Program of

 The Inter-Religious Action Network  of Washington County


Five evening sessions from 6:30 to 9:00

Facilitated by Matthew Eagan and Helen Spector

Locations to be determined by participants


Session one – February 11:  Getting to know each other


Session two – March 11

How we know that which is larger than ourselves


Session three – April 8:  Differing views of

actions and consequences in this life and after


Session four – May 13:  Social Justice in our traditions


Session five – June 10:  From Exclusivism to Parallelism


This five-session dialogue is designed for people who are not scholars or official representatives of their traditions, but who can speak about their own experiences and about the teachings of their tradition that are present and active in their lives.


Each group will be limited to 12 people who commit to attending all five sessions, so we can build from month to month in understanding and trust of each other. 


Everyone is welcome to participate, and we will try to include many different faith traditions in each session    If we have enough interested respondents, we will form several groups, to ensure the quality of dialogue in each group.


Register by January 31, 2014

Call 503-296-7248


Include your name, a short description of why you find this dialogue opportunity of interest, and your contact phone number and e-mail address